Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Saturnalia

Merry Wishes to all in this time of spiked eggnog and Christmas specials. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Solstice, Hanukkah, or Muharram this season, please have fun, eat drobba truffles, and pumpkin pie piled high with whipped cream.
Okay, now I am hungry.
While I am editing a frenzy with my editor Joe Dickerson of HD-Image, I do take time out to make merry and watch DVDS. Here is my partial list of favorite holiday specials.
1. Night of the Comet. Zombies, Christmas, and two valley girls that kick ass and appreciate automatic weapons. Now that's a holiday movie.
2. Die Hard. Bruce Willis-enough said.
3. A Charlie Brown Christmas. Even I can be traditional.
4. Any of the Lord of the Rings trilogy-there is snow somewhere, plus Aragorn.
Enjoy your own holiday treats and make merry. The diet does not start until January 1.
In the meantime, back to writing.
Happy Holidays & Lots of Fuzzy Warmth

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