Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cold Magic and Hot Drobba

Okay, my characters are coming out of a long hibernation and despite the firm thread of winter's freeze, I am forced to respond to their incessant demands.  Dabiro and Belwyn are especially pushy.
But I am working a lot on book 3 (Fires of Rapiveshta) and I am anxious about finally seeing book 2 in actual print and the artwork.
I have run oodles of revisions on some of my characters and the various story lines.    There is a lot I cannot discuss because book 2, Tree of Bones, is not yet released and there are some new characters afoot-both good and evil-and I want you to be surprised.
What I have learned, is that you cannot set your story or characters in stone.  Changes happen.  They are demanded in fact.  I guess that is why I have such issues with book outlines.  They can only be most basic type for me.  My mind works a certain way in the creative process.  I know how a story will start and exactly how it ends for each book.  What happens in between in an evolutionary process that fills in my gaps.  I have blocks for each character and their story arcs.  I know what will happen to every character in my novels.   But I cannot use the outline.  As a writer you need to use what works for you.  Advice can be good or bad, so I pay little heed to the so-called experts.  Use what works for you.  The fun is getting there, along with some hot drobba as I weave the magic of words on my computer.  Magic is what you make of it, just add your own marshmallows and stir it up.
More later.  I need more hot drobba and Mellypip is tugging at my thoughts.

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