Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shame on Disney! John Carter is no flop! See John Carter!

Okay I need to address an issue that is vexing me.  First of all, John Carter (which should have been John Carter of Mars or similar) is no flop.  The ridiculous expectations of studios to reap back all of their production costs in 2 weeks is illogical and deluded.  Also they did not know how to promote the movie.  I know the studio's base is suppose to be fantasy based studio-but I personally think they do not understand anything beyond kid cartoons and fluff.  John Carter was based on Edgar Rice Burroughs Barsoom series, the first of which was written a hundred years ago-literally.  No one knows or understands today that John Carter comes from that.  Disney needed to promote that and use that as part of the ad runs.  Other than meager clips you got nothing what the movie was about.  It is a great movie.  Disney (I believe) hates real science fiction and fantasy literature-look what they did to the Black Cauldron years ago?   Now we are expected to dump any interest in John Carter and just move on to whatever lame new movie Disney is doing.  It is bad enough they have softened the fairy tales, but now they have something great they are not even trying to save.  Movies need time sometimes, especially when people foolishly think it is a Star Wars rip off not knowing that if anything, these stories fed the ideas of a Star Wars to Lucas.   John Carter is true imagination and adventure.  I loved it.  The leads were great!  The special effects awesome!  I love classic science fiction!  Shame on you Disney!  You produced some fun and quality and you are not giving it a chance.  I want a decent science fiction series on film and there has been none in years.  This was my last hope and you are dashing it.  I do not want to see the Avengers, because studios have been ruining comic book heroes for years.  Brave is kid stuff though it might be good, but not heart thumping science fiction.  I want my science fiction adventure!  LET ANOTHER STUDIO HAVE THE RIGHTS AND RELEASE ALL TALENT TO A STUDIO THAT IS COMPETENT TO REAP MONEY OFF A GOOD SCIENCE FICTION FILM!   Go back to ruining the fairy tales!  Disney why did you fail John Carter?  Did you get so bogged down in focus groups and trying to soften what the film was and you are to blame? 

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