Monday, October 28, 2013

Portents and Funky Dreams

Hello Friends,

I had strange dreams  this weekend.  I even dreamed about my characters involved in something (some battle or a conference-hard to tell which) but it is a misty shadow now.  Dreams may fade but they leave their mark.  It could be too much Halloween candy.  It is unsettling when my actual dreams are invaded by my characters, but I must take it to heart when that happens. 

They want my attention.

As I start another Monday and plan my week of writing my novels, I find myself pondering how to achieve more writing time.  What makes it difficult is the ever present threat of laziness on my part.  Once I do force myself to the laptop or writing pad, I can become immersed in the ritual of the chapter and characters.  It is wonderful when that happens.  I am like a Goddess unleashing her power of creation (but in a benevolent way).  A Wonder Woman of the Pen.  A Celtic storyteller.    But I must get there by sitting down and doing it!

I must admit, I am luckier than most writers, as my husband never expects me to cook dinner for him or even keep the house tidy.  But I do get lazy-watching a movie or spending too much time on Facebook or emailing a friend or long lost publisher.  Our tools for efficiency tend to make us inefficient.  We get lazy.  We wile away valuable time on nonsense.  We become complacent.  I must steel myself against the temptation of downloads and DVDs.  I must focus on my writing and become more prolific.  I want more things published than one novel and some short stories ( My second novel is done though), but I want more!  Think of the great writers of the past, content to use pen and quill or a clunky old typewriter!   Yet they did it-and they did not even have spellcheck! 

So I count my blessings and promise to create more.  I have 3 novels now I am working on (I must be a masochist) and they are all clamoring for my attention.  Sigh.  More later. 
Happy Halloween!

Verna McKinnon   

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