Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Author Insanity & Junk Food

Yep-that's where I'm at.  I am working to step up my writing process after I got lazy last week.  I was zoned unto the flow and my story was running smoothly until I got distracted with the demands of being human (work, sleep, applying mascara)  It is a fault I have and must amend as I have a goal to finish a certain book project quickly.   I feel a bit annoyed with myself.  I have been eating way too many chocolate chip cookies and haunted by book chapters demanding my hand.  My inner wolf is vexed with me as you can see:

On a different plane, my publisher promises me some real headway with book cover art for Tree of Bones and I should see something by next month.   As I am behind schedule with the current novel I am slaving over I must bid you all a fond farewell until I find my way back to the blog.  I must now figure out a way for my heroine to be cured of mystical infection after being bitten by a changeling.  Nasty creatures!

Verna McKinnon

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