Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Game of Novels

Hello Familiar Friends,

I have finished a new novel, which is a different novel series from Familiar's Tale, but still exciting with strong female heroes that do not rely on boyfriends for their existence in the tale.  I am now researching agents to submit to.  A daunting task indeed.  Wish me good fortune.  I now understand why so many writers drink.  The writing part is the fun and easy portion of this brutal game of novels.

Also, I have decided to make the first Familiar's Tale series a trilogy (was 4 books) which I think will work much better for the story.   I am stalking my publisher to get Tree of Bones released by September.   Wish me luck.  I have another trilogy planned for my wonderful Familiar's Tale characters, but I need to get the first trilogy off the ground.

I am also working on another potential trilogy,"Twilight of the Unicorn."   It will not sparkle, I assure you.  There will be darkness, MAGIC and damaged heroes.  More to come. 


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