Thursday, December 18, 2014

Heroic Women of Speculative Fiction! This week it's Kathryn Janeway!

Captain Kathryn Janeway
Yes, I admire Captain Kathryn Janeway!  In fact, I love this character and the actress who played her.  I have recently watched all seven seasons of Star Trek Voyager, and my opinions have changed about the show.  I admit, I was not into the show as much when it first aired, but I feel like Star Trek Enterprise. it was underrated.  Also, I do not feel that Captain Janeway gets enough respect.  This woman, this officer was brave, selfless, put the needs of others above her own, and was willing to die if necessary for the greater good.   She had crap to deal with other Star Trek captains did not: like being catapulted into a different part of the galaxy without a compass, dealing with a shipload of cranky Marquis, hostile aliens who never heard of Starfleet or cared,  and no way to call home for some backup.
But this woman not only got her crew home, but in the process of the show's seven year run, she and her crew catalogued massive scientific knowledge about the Delta quadrant and its mysteries, made new discoveries,  fought major battles (again-no backup for poor Kathryn) with rude and often advanced aliens, including the Borg.   She also had to deal with Neelix's cooking and his experimental recipes.  I wonder if she had to replicate antacids much? 
Captain Kathryn Janeway was an officer and a scientist.  She was savvy, smart, unrelenting, and yet full of compassion.  She would defend her ship and crew with the tenacity of an angry she-tiger and not hesitate to vaporize you if you crossed the line.   Im many wat, she was more of a cowboy than Kirk ever was.  Kathryn could also be funny, she loved dogs, and was unlucky in romance, like most heroines.  She was not a twenty-something.  Thank heavens!!!  She was a real woman who spent years training and was age appropriate for her role as Captain.
So let's give this woman and officer some respect!
Next week, it's Christmas, so I will not post a new entry in my Heroic Women series until after New Year.  I will be too busy recovering from rum-spiked eggnog and too many chocolates.
Until then,  Happy Holidays and watch more fantasy and science fiction.
Verna McKinnon

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