Saturday, January 2, 2010

Doctor Who-Farewell David Tennant

Alas a sad day, for I watched the final David Tennant Doctor Who episode tonight. I have been a great fan of Dr. Who since I stumbled across it on PBS long ago (The Tom Baker era) and have thoroughly enjoyed this new incarnation of Who, begun by the wonderful Christopher Eccelston in first season, then carried by the remarkable and energetic David Tennant (who needs to diet with Who-all that running from monsters and you get all the cardio in the galaxy following him around). The incredible writing and wonderful enthusiasm of David Tennant's Dr. Who has kept me enthralled and joyous, terrified and tearful. The show was a bit darker, but just enough to give it texture. Tennant's Who is a rare gem, not only in the Doctor Who universe, but should be a template for all science fiction and fantasy on television. Farewell David-I shall miss you.

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