Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hail New Year 2010 and fresh shiny new beginnings. I feel very perky, but then I did not drink last night. Despite my wild Irish/Scottish DNA -I did not drink on New Year's Eve. Alas, when I gave up smoking four years ago drinking has never been the same. I did salute the new year in with a champagne glass brimming with Perrier. My naughty indulgences were in form of chocolate yummies. But I am on diet as part of new resolutions, and am learning to make my treats low fat style.
But on to more productive endeavors-I hope my editor Joe views this-Happy New Year and please send more chapters for me to polish for Tree of Bones novel.
I am antsy to get my second book in Familiar's Tale series out to my eager readers. We are so very close to completion before it goes to print. I am brimming with revisions to perfect my novel too. It is very much like evolution, it never ceases, no matter how often you type "the end" at the bottom of the page. It can always be improved and tightened.
Am slaving away on book 3, Fires of Rapiveshta. It has dragons and I love dragons. I am hoping my interpretation is original too. I have added new characters, both good and evil.
I feel positive about this new year. Another reason I avoided drinking is that my mind was buzzing.
I planned and plotted instead, like an super villain after a fateful lab accident. But fear not, for my plans are benevolent. Well, most of them are. :)
Being a writer is very strange, you get sloth-like or lazy, or you are manic and chained to the computer typing at light speed. I'm working out some new stories away from Familiar's Tale. Not sure if it will be in novel or short story form. I am feeling very primal. I feel stoked by old style fantasy of pure imagination. I see images of barbarians with sharp swords on dusty plains, sultry witches walking in shadows, and monsters crunching bones in dank caves.
Well, cheers to all.

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