Friday, June 17, 2011

Alert Fantasy & Sci-Fi Girls!!!! RISE TO BATTLE

I'm very annoyed.   As time goes on, the more the media (books, but especially TV & Film) focuses all the their science fiction and fantasy efforts on the adolescent boy, or the adult male with adolescent perspectives.  The films are bigger with poofy special effects, but the stories are almost non-existent.   It is like bad junk food that lacks nutrition-no thought required.  It is all done to attract the male species into theaters.  But what about us girls, huh?  Those of us, and I know there are many of us girls, that love science fiction and fantasy. The powers in suits think that they need only make certain romantic comedies for us, (though those are even degrading into toilet humor-laced duds with one dimensional scripts) but I shout my defiance.  

I love science fiction and fantasy-big or small, silly or serious, but I demand some quality.  I am also one of the few women writers out there that loves Robert E. Howard and relish the sword & sorcery escapades of Conan (Jason Momoa-do not let me down!)  I just think that the folks in the TV and Film business need to broaden their perspective.  I think it is prejudicial to think women are not interested in science fiction and fantasy, as much as I think it is lame for these producers to believe that producing lame offal on a fancy patter of dazzling special effects will satiate the creative appetite.

So I want all of you ladies out there, be you teenagers or grandmas, to voice your demands for more quality science fiction and fantasy out there.  Rise up and be heard!  Write the studios.  Pitch your indignity to the TV stations and cable shows.   Write the producers of shows past and beg them to return!  Do not let them roll you into a boring statistic!

That is my rant for the week.  I want something to feed on, and Game of Thrones is almost done.  I will hunger again soon.  The days of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Stargate Atlantis are in the past, but with me in the spirit of DVD,  I will need something fresh to feast upon soon.  It is sadly obvious that people are degrading into a murky swill of realty television drones.  I think we should resist that, else our cognitive functions will shrivel into acorn nuts.

Have fun my wonderful readers.  Watch something of quality and remember what once was.  I'm calling my editor (hi Joe :))  this weekend to check on my book cover for Tree of Bones and other literary things.  Bye for now.  More  later.


Verna McKinnon

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