Sunday, June 5, 2011

Crazy Fiction Time

Hello out there! 
My time has been crazy of late, so I have neglected my time blogging for my readers and friends.  Am so sorry.  But I have been writing and waiting to see the new cover work for my new book Tree of Bones.   Am so excited that Rob E. Brown is doing it. 

On the personal side,  I have been watching Game of Thrones on HBO.  The casting is superb and the writing excellent.   I hope George RR Martin is happy with it too.  The production values are amazing, but more importantly, there is a real adult fantasy on television worth watching.  Each episode leaves you hanging and breathless for the next episode.  It is not for children under a certain age, but that is fine.  A lot of great fantasy is for the adult mind, not kids.  I think people have forgotten that in the age of Harry Potter.  I am not knocking that, as my books fit the for all ages readership.  But there is a wealth of fabulous fantasy and science fiction out there that can only be given justice on film if it is in a quality series format-and a premium cable channel is best.  I pray that this series opens the gates for other great fantasy/science fiction works to be done.  Also, I cannot wait for the next George R R Marin book in this series.  He is one of the great masters.  I bow to you sir.

I also dream that someday someone will put my Familiar's Tale series to film.  I know some writers poo poo their works being turned into movies or television and often they are very right in their fears.  But I also believe in hope and so far Game of Thrones is providing a solid base for that hope.   Plus, I envision my entire story in a rich production movie form with a great cast (which I often change or update ), in widescreen format with a stunning Hanz Zimmer or Joel Goldsmith soundtrack.  Yes, I am fantasizing, but imagination is my job after all.  A girl must dream. 

I will be posting a new short story soon on my website, which is long overdue.  Until then, have fun and read some good books and eat some drobba.

Verna McKinnon

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