Monday, July 15, 2013

Bards & Goblins

As I try to wake up this Monday morning, my thoughts are focused on the titles for my new novel.  I am thinking of changing title of first book to "The Bard Maiden of Rhulon."  This book has had a few working titles and this may just be one of them-but for some reason when I did a poll on a wonderful group called Fantasy Writers in my Facebook, I put in 3 possible titles-The Goblin Cabal, A Conspiracy of Goblins, and Bard Maiden of Rhulon.  The original top title, Goblin Cabal, only got 3 votes, and though Conspiracy of Goblins did better, the hands down winner is Bard Maiden of Rhulon.  So I am using that for now. It's cool since the bard maiden is the major character throughout this trilogy I am putting together.  Sometimes you need an outside source to get a perspective on basics in writing and Fantasy Writers Group provided me some new insight.   That is what these groups are for and they can help. 
Now I am going to drink more strong black tea with milk and sugar to revive brain so I can write about my bard.
More later.

Verna McKinnon 

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