Thursday, July 4, 2013

Writing the Novel, Part 1:Revision, Sanity, & Dust Bunnies

Greeting Friends,

The process of getting back on track with a novel (or short story) you are writing when you have been away from it for awhile may seem daunting.   But these pesky things can be overcome.  In the first of a series of blogs to help the writer survive the process of, well, writing, I offer my humble guide.
The literary challenge of penning a new novel is mammoth, but I am determined to finish it.  I have made these provisions.  These are my 7 rules to beginning a novel.
1.  Clean away dust bunnies.
2.  Prep my compendium for the novel (which is a sort of bible for my story with all the details for the world, characters, plot, etc.)  When you write fantasy it is essential.
3. Stock supplies of chocolate, tea, coffee, snacks, and favorite music to write with.
4. Buy aspirin-the convenient jumbo economy size.
5. Buy paper for printing. 
6. Buy flash drives to save literary files in case of catastrophe or zombie apocalypse.
7. Turn off the world when you write.

More to come later.   I must go be a literary genius.  Where's that chocolate???

Verna McKinnon

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