Saturday, December 21, 2013

Holiday Cheer & Dark Fantasy

Greetings Familiar Friends!

It is fully the holidays-which is also a little crazy.  As I indulge in rich snacks, am formulating literary darkness and chaos for my poor characters.  I am a little crazy too-from a literary perspective- as I am working on 3 novels right now-Fires of Rapiveshta, Bard Maiden of Rhulon (my heroic female dwarf!) and now a dark unicorn tale called Blood of the Unicorn.  What a merry tale of mayhem is brewing in my world of evil kings, dark gods, goblins, stoic warriors, murderous changelings, worried familiars, exasperated sorceresses, brave heroes & heroines, murder, and brutish trolls.    I have a busy holiday seasons ahead of me.  As I post ideas to my cork boards in study , as I have 4 of them above my desk one for each book and a general madness board, I will hope your holiday is more peaceful as I go a little mad with spiked eggnog and  story plots.  Have a lovely holiday!

Verna McKinnon

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