Monday, February 10, 2014

Mistress of Words & Why Word Counts Matter

Hello Familiar Friends,

Am on a quest to finish the Bard Maiden of Rhulon.  My fantasy adventure is now at 58,273 words.  That is about halfway through the novel.  Why is that important?   Words counts are guides and also a celebration of how far you have come.  I also added a new character and revised another character that was already in my compendium but has not show up yet.   Things change as you write.  Often that is a good thing because your story is evolving and you need to be open to that.  So I have made a significant goal and will continue on to finish.

Change can be beneficial as you write and not everything needs to be set in stone when develop your novel.   You have a foundation, which is important, but creativity never sleeps.  I cannot tell you how often a new character popped up as I wrote a chapter or a direction for my characters or plot changed that actually made things better.  So go with the flow.  It might be wonderful.

Also heard from my publisher Joe at Aberrant Dreams.  He is feeling very positive that my 2nd novel in my Familiar's Tale series,  Tree of Bones, could have an April/May 2014 release at last and we have a new artist doing cover art.  It will be on kindle as well as hardback from the start.  There will also be specials going on so stay tuned.  

More later. 

Verna McKinnon


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