Monday, February 3, 2014

The Agony and the Editing

Hello Familiar Friends,

Have been on a roll-writing wise.  Am more than halfway through writing solid draft of Bard Maiden of Rhulon.   Am on the infamous chapter 13.  It is infamous for me because a lot of stuff has to happen  in next couple chapters.  Yes, there is a blood and chaos.  And some personal struggles for my heroine, Rose Greenleaf.  Am crazy with ideas and some things have taken a different turn in the story.  I now know exactly how the first book in this trilogy will end.  And it will lead her into even more fantastic adventure and intrigue.  Sadly, I must keep it to myself unless you are a publisher who wants to acquire my literary tome- then I will talk.

On another note my publisher has contracted a new artist to do the cover art for Tree of Bones, book 2 of my Familiar's Tale series.   Am anxious and eager for this book to be released.  Joe-let my book be released! 
More to come.  Read on my friends!  It is good to be literary.
Verna McKinnon


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