Monday, October 13, 2014

The Importance of Heroines

Greetings Familiar Friends,

As I will be in the process of doing a few polish edits for my new publisher and awaiting updates for the re-release of Gate of Souls from Sky Warrior Books, I decided that I will do a series on some of my favorite female characters in science fiction and fantasy.  These amazing heroines will be from many genres: TV, film, comics, and novels.  I will focus on a new favorite heroine each week.   Heroic females are a mainstay of my writings.   There are many different types of strong women in fantasy, and what makes them strong is not just kickboxing or that they carry swords.  I will do an in depth review of these characters that I love and admire.  These women are part of my inspiration.  I hope they will become yours too. 

I also dedicate these weekly heroic females profiles to my fellow geek girls in the world.  You never get the recognition you deserve.  I have always loved science fiction and fantasy.  I read it.  I write it.  I love gaming.   I love the imaginative artwork.  It makes me happy.  It is me.  I am a geek girl and proud.

I will post the first of my tributes to the science fiction &  fantasy heroic woman each Thursday starting October 16.   So check out my Heroic Women in Speculative Fiction post each week for some inspiration, a new perspective, and a jolt of courage.

More later.  Until then, read more fantasy!

Verna McKinnon

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