Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Classic Reading

For those interested in exploring great science fiction & fantasy literature, a great deal of it is available for free or minimal cost online or on Kindle (my book should be on Kindle soon ).   Examples of truly imaginative writers to sample include-
 1.Ray Bradbury
2. Edgar Rice Burroughs
3. Jules Verne
4. Robert E. Howard
5. Isaac Asimov
6. Larry Niven (a sweetheart and great man I met at a convention in San Jose)
7. Ben Bova (met him @ Radcon convention in Washington.  He is fascinating and tells wonderful stories)

These are just a few of the many great writers from the classic time of the genre, though personally I hate the word "genre" anymore.  Good writing knows no genre!  Check them out & expand the mind.  Enjoy great story telling-these classic authors go back to the golden era  of science fiction and fantasy when imagination was key.  Enjoy feeding your brain.  Later!

Verna McKinnon

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