Friday, March 22, 2013

Literary Weekend

It's Friday!  So the weekend is ripe for opportunity and creativity.  This weekend I will work on my new book-The Goblin Cabal.    I have some fun and interesting characters.  It is heroic fantasy with a female heroine-well 2 heroines-as they become best friends and comrades.  They will find conspiracies and evil-including demons.  Am excited.  I want to cheer for my characters.  I am also tired of vampires and such being portrayed as good guys or sympathetic-nothing against vampires in the genre but they have taken up too much space and let's face it-they are vampires.  Slay them!  Where is Buffy when you need her?  I want some fantasy to return to its roots.  I want heroes!  I want complex story lines and interesting characters.  You cannot make someone who wants to eat you for dinner be a hero-no matter how hard you try.    

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