Friday, April 26, 2013

A Game of Genres (& rants!)

Okay, sometimes I get vexed with the Internet and the casual acceptance of things that are incorrect or presented badly.  Let me give you an example using a popular TV show right now-Game of Thrones.
Just today I was  reading in an entertainment section (will not say from whom or which site) that Games of Thrones is, and I quote,  a "wildly popular medieval television drama."
This statement curdles my good mood because the show and the books they are adapted from (the great George R.R. Martin) is not medieval!!!!  It is not even set on earth.  Medieval means set in our medieval era on earth-though I personally doubt the writer could define which centuries medieval actually covers.  Just because they use swords and wear long dresses they stamp that definition on Game of Thrones.  In my opinion they are wrong.  Is it similar to a medieval world-yes to a point.  But it is not earth and more importantly-IT IS FANTASY!!!!!
Yes, swallow that shameful word-Fantasy!  A fantasy show-and in a way since it is set on a secondary world (meaning earth-like but not earth) it is partially Science Fiction, the shameful sister of Fantasy!!!
I get frustrated because so many people try to diminish the genre of fantasy (and science fiction).  They try to make it unworthy of attention and not really good enough to be literature.  People have actually said to me that it is so badly written (of course these folks have never really even read science fiction or fantasy).  Isn't it odd they feel they have the right to judge it?
Games of Thrones is fantasy-dark and full of complex characters and politics-but it is still fantasy.
Like I said, I am not sure what George thinks-this is just my opinion.
But they still make me mad!  Since I am a lady will express my disdain without swearing but instead use this picture of a very angry owl for a visual representation of my anger.

Verna McKinnon

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