Monday, April 22, 2013

The disturbing TV trend of serial killers

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One thing that has been vexing me of late is the focus on serial killers for TV.  I am not saying that these shows lack good writing and the actors are often superb (James Purefoy!) But I am sick of seeing serial killers be the heroic central characters of these shows.  I am not talking about grey characters like as Xena with a dark past but now want to do good type of characters.  I am talking evil sociopath shells who will make a coat of your skin main characters that are put up on a pedestal and revered weekly.  They win every week and what little good that is after them is stupid or weak.
Shows like Dexter and the Following are even more disturbing than vampire romances.  Vampire Diaries and True Blood are bad -they give glamour to someone who will make you a happy meal and somehow they try to make them sympathetic and lonely.  Does anyone have a stake and holy water kit?
But far worse are shows are like Dexter and the Following.   And Hannibal?  Really?  Really!!!  No amount of good scripting make these shows appetizing (yes I punned) They make my skin crawl.  And no matter how much I adore James Purefoy I will not watch them.
Where is the chosen one-the Buffy, Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman on television now?  Where is the heroic Julie and Mark of V movies and TV (original movies not redo).  Where are the heroes?   Why did Legend of the Seeker get cancelled?  Does anyone fight evil anymore?
This makes me sad and concerned.  Wicked in a story has a purpose.  But where is the opposing force of good and light?  Without that it is just twisted stories that make you want to take a disinfectant shower.  What they are doing now is not just wicked-it is sick and perverted with no redeeming qualities.      
Thank you for listening to my rant.  And James Purefoy- you deserve better.  You are also my first choice for Cathal the Sorcerer if my book is ever optioned for film.

Verna McKinnon

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