Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Welcome New Followers & Old

A special big thank you to my new followers on my blog and website.   Also an equally big shout out to my stoic followers from before.  I hope to have a long and fun relationship with all of you as I walk the rocky road to literary success.  I also plan to whip up more support as I fight for the release of my latest novel and find an agent for my other book I am writing now (The Goblin Cabal, first of a 3 book series).  It has two female heroines in the lead-and they rock.  There will be demons and magic and bards.  Plus one cute Prince who is in dire need of rescue.  Need I say more?
I will also be posting a new short story soon to my blog that has been released from exclusivity!  it called Snow White: My Story,  and was published by the wonderful anthology Mystic Signals and edited by the brilliant Carol Hightshoe.  This story was in Mystic Signals, issue13, and released in April 2012.  It is still available for purchase on Amazon or through the publisher The Lorelei Signal.  See the cool cover below. 

 I love fairy tales and decided to write my own version of Snow White.  So many have made it too fluffy over the decades or were just plain weird, so  I included some of the older and darker elements from the original tale, plus added humor and some explanation as to why some things were done.   Why Snow White's heart?  Who were those wily Dwarfs really?  Fairy tales are dark tales of morality, where even though there is a happy ending, it holds many grim tests for the heroines.  I hope you will enjoy it.  I will blog as soon as it is posted for  reading on my website.  

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