Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Dark Tales of Obsydia

Also great news about a series of short stories I have done set in my world of A Familiar's Tale.
My first short story about Obsydia the Bloodstone Queen, called The Bloodstone Queen, was published in Aberrant Dreams webzine a few months back. I am happy to say there will be more short stories set during the Bloodstone Age in which the immortal Queen Obsydia ruled. I have always had a fascination for the dark fairy tale queens of old, and when I conceived of Obsydia, I wanted to create dark wicked beauty and power beyond imagination. A character of my own design in originality. I wanted unique and shadowy. I wanted a Queen of Shadows.
Obsydia, daughter of the dark god Ahridum and a mortal seer, born in a dark tower and woke 13 nights after her birth a fully grown woman. Her hair is literally shadow that curls around her death pale face of flawless beauty, silver moon eyes that see all, and lips red as blood. Red as blood is fairy tale speak, but it applies to Obsydia.
She will also play a significant part in my book series, A Familiar's Tale.
After all , in a world of heroes, there must be great evil to fight. Obsydia is that evil.
I wanted Obsydia to be the most primal of all wicked queens.
I will let you be the judge.

This is a darker time for my world in which evil had power and the heroes fought to being back the Light. The stories are set about a thousand years before the story in "Gate of Souls," though because of the magical rules of my world, you will meet some familiar characters that are in the Familiar's Tale series.
I hope you enjoy these tales.
Back to writing, after a drobba break.

A Successful Book Signing for "Gate of Souls"!

Greetings fans of all things Familiar!

So sorry that it's been a while since my last entry. I have been busy writing my third entry in my Familiar's Tale series, Fires of Rapiveshta, and editing the second, Tree of Bones.

I had a book signing recently at Borders Express bookstore at the Sun Valley Mall in Concord, CA. They are wonderful folks and so kind to let an unknown writer have a book signing, especially in these hard times. I was at first hesitant about a book signing, as I am not a well known writer (though I long to be princess of heroic fantasy tales) and this is my first published novel. But I am not shy either, and I managed to sell quite a few books in just a couple hours. I even surprised myself! I had such fun! And I sold many books! My husband, Rick, also took pictures which will be posted to site.

I must also thank the wonderful artists that created magnificent cover art-Henning Ludvigsen and Natascha Roeoesli-that attracted potential readers to my table. It is beautiful and the product of true artists. I also found that people are eager, even hungry, for a good new fantasy and my book attracted a variety of folks.

I also met some enthusiastic girls in their teens, desperate for a great female heroine to read about. My Runa (in Gate of Souls) is a very positive character and I know people will love her courage, humor, and strength. My book is aimed at fantasy readers of all ages, but I know this tale will appeal to girls desperate for a female heroine. I have my share of male heroes with characters like Darcus and Cathal, so this series will appeal to just about anyone who loves a good fantasy. And my wicked characters, such as Koll and Xabral, provide the danger and suspense. I also have new adversaries rising in my second book, Tree of Bones, but as I

am editing that book with my publisher, Joseph Dickerson, I must not say too much yet.

But now I feel confident that anywhere I go, whether it be a book signing or reading, I can soothe the bookseller's fears, as my book does sell quite well.

More blogging later. I promise not to be lazy. Really.