Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Game of Novels

Hello Familiar Friends,

I have finished a new novel, which is a different novel series from Familiar's Tale, but still exciting with strong female heroes that do not rely on boyfriends for their existence in the tale.  I am now researching agents to submit to.  A daunting task indeed.  Wish me good fortune.  I now understand why so many writers drink.  The writing part is the fun and easy portion of this brutal game of novels.

Also, I have decided to make the first Familiar's Tale series a trilogy (was 4 books) which I think will work much better for the story.   I am stalking my publisher to get Tree of Bones released by September.   Wish me luck.  I have another trilogy planned for my wonderful Familiar's Tale characters, but I need to get the first trilogy off the ground.

I am also working on another potential trilogy,"Twilight of the Unicorn."   It will not sparkle, I assure you.  There will be darkness, MAGIC and damaged heroes.  More to come. 


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Insanity, Coffee, and the Invisible Author


It has been awhile, but I have been busy.  I know I vanished from sight, but writing can be like a possession.  And it was.  But I was genuinely busy-writing 96,000 words in 3 months busy.  But the novel I am working on is merely 1 chapter away from completion.  ONE CHAPTER!  Then the book is done.  I do massive amounts of edits over each chapter before going on to next, so what I have will be pretty solid with just some tightening and spruce up needed here and there.  Am I hopped up on caffeine and buggy-eyed?  Yes, but I'm still cute so it works for me.

As for my 2nd novel in my Familiar's Tale book series, Tree of Bones,  (which was written in 2008) my publisher Joe at Aberrant Dreams has assured me that it will be out by September 2014.    We have a wonderful new artist for  the book cover.  I look forward to the release with more anticipation than you realize.   If Tree of Bones is finally released-if it does finally happen, this will be my reaction.  
Along those lines, I have decided to make the first Familiar's Tale series a trilogy (it was going to be 4 books) -the the next novel, Fires of Rapiveshta, will complete that tale.  I found that I can combine the two tales into a single novel and make it better.  There will be lots of action, dragons (who doesn't love that) and an epic battle of Dark vs Light.  I have loads of other ideas for another trilogy for  my Familiar's Tale characters, whom I love and will continue to write about along with the other books I am working on.   Write on people.

Hugs and Love.  More to Come.

Verna McKinnon