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New Short Story News!

Hello there! Am thrilled to announce that I have a new short story coming to print soon. I have not written a short story in a while, so this is a good thing. I forgot the thrill of acceptance you get when a short story is accepted. The tale is called, "The Forest Paradox" and will appear in the print July 2010 edition of Mystic Signals. It is a story about a witch besieged with many personal problems, including helping a village with a cursed forest, her former lover, a warrior with commitment issues, and a younger brother witch-it is a comedy with darker edges. I cannot wait to see it in print. Speaking of short stories, I am planning on posting my older short stories that have been previously published to my website soon on a rotating basis. My wonderful web designer, Sally Hoss, will be helping with this. Am planning just one or two at a time. More on that later. My publisher has promised we will soon polish up the last few chapters on Tree of Bones, book two of