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Holiday Scrolls & Book News

Hello all and happy holidays! Time for drobba cakes and endless cups of hot drobba smothered with whipped cream and dusted with cinnamon. I should never blog while feeling peckish. The first great news is now " Gate of Souls" will also be at your favorite Barnes & Noble store in about 6-8 weeks. I have been available since the beginning through their online site, but this is most exciting. If you see a short woman with chestnut hair staring for hours at my book " Gate of Souls" on the shelf-it could be me. Three cheers for Barnes & Noble! I am also steaming with new ideas about the third book in my Familiar's Tale series, " Fires of Rapiveshta." I cannot say much because I want my readers to be surprised. I will say that Rapiveshta, as I mentioned in the first book during one of Belwyn's school lessons for Mellypip in " Gate of Souls ," is the land of the dragons. There will be lots of dragons ! The second book in my se

Sillcon '08 Adventures

Hello! Just recovered from a manic weekend where I was at Silicon '08 in San Jose, CA. I had a wonderful time. I met some wonderful writers there that I admire. Horror writer Fred Wiehe was charming and fun, and we mugged for my husband's camera. Mr. Larry Niven (a legend) was kind enough to have his photo taken with me and sign one of his books. Peter S. Beagle was charming and full of tales. I also met Chase Masterson of Star Trek's Deep Space Nine. She was a real sweetheart and sang several numbers at the Friday night meet and greet. I had a great time on the 'Creating Fantasy Worlds' with Peter S. Beagle, Diana Paxson, and Christy Marx. More to come. My familiars are demanding attention now.