Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Literary Smoothie

Hello all Familiar's Tale fans!

Just got back from Radcon 6 in Pasco, Washington.  Was fun and crazy, with lots of great creative people there.  Ben Bova, Alma Alexander, and Tony Daniels to name a few attended.  There were also scores of small publishers and indie writers (like myself) that staffed the weekend long event.  We had great panels about writing, where I coined my literary smoothie phrase.  We were talking about collaborative writing (translation-how to write with a friend/spouse/partner and not destroy each other).  I will post a few pics soon.  Right now am exhausted.  All that fun and junk food has me weak as a newborn wampu.  Until then, have a great week.

Verna McKinnon

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Radon 6 this weekend! Plus TV rants (oh boy)

Greetings my fellow fantasy and science fiction friends.  This weekend I am going to be at Radcon 6 in Pasco, Washington.  Am excited as many great folks like Ben Bova and Alma Alexander will be there.  I will be on lots of panels and mainlining Starbucks & chocolate to keep going.  I look forward to the fun.

Also, last time I blogged I missed a show that should not have been cancelled.  "Legend of the Seeker" was cut short after 2 seasons.  It is sad because it was genuine fantasy and though not exactly like the novels had some heart to it.  I loved the cast and the pure fantasy feel.  Regular TV is trying to force "soft sci fi & fantasy" on us.  You know, contemporary shows where there is a thin thread of supernatural or some sudden super powers for one or more characters without any real reason for it.  Contemporary fantasy can be tricky.   Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the best example of a good contemporary show.  Fringe, Charmed, Sanctuary, Doctor Who (the Tennant years) and the Stargate shows are also great examples.  But many TV offerings are just weak with thin threads of nothing because networks and studios do not want to produce anything with an expense, no matter how great the show (Firefly anyone?) and that is just tragic.  The current slush of vampire and witchy shows have no heart as they are stocked with shallow and synthetic pretty characters, plastic images of youthful and blank souls with little story meat to feed the watcher.   I am also weary of the tortured vampire love syndrome that is everywhere.  At least with zombies you have enough sense to kill them.  Few vampire love stories ever work.  They need to staked. 
The reason the Buffy the Vampire's love story with Angel was tolerable was because of the supernatural system laid down by Whedon-Angel was cursed with a soul.  All others were just demons that needed to be staked and vacuumed.  The love of Buffy & Angel was tragic and could not go on-not unless Angel became human which is what should have happened in the end of the series.  Even on Charmed the half-demon Cole had to go (perhaps it was due to another tv offer but who knows). 
I want the return of the demon hunter.  I want the witch or slayer to save innocents and kill demons.   I want the warrior with the magical sword & destiny.  I want the sorceress/witch to save the world from evil.  I don't want them to date it. 
More later.

Verna McKinnon