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"The Witcher" Review: Fantasy Worth Watching

The Witcher Review I must confess I have been disappointed with the high tech fantasies and science fiction adaptations for a long time. Game of Thrones became such a disappointment (this is my opinion) and left such a bitter taste in my mouth, I will not even list my grievances here. I loved the film, John Carter (should have been  John Carter of Mars), but the world claimed it a flop. I think people will rethink this in the future, as it is a magnificent adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs. But in this era of expensive comic book films with super heroes in tights, I long for  good fantasy or science fiction film. Do not get me wrong, comic book films have a place, but there is a rich library of wonderful fantasy and science fiction literature going back decades that could be adapted today with the  current technology and  some great casting and writing. Enter, The Witcher.  I was happily surprised. I checked this out on Netflix with little hope. I knew it was based on a

The Trouble With Tropes

  I have been a Geek Girl since I can remember. Science fiction, fantasy, horror (though not the gross stuff),  paranormal-it's all good. However, I have noticed patterns over time that irritate the hell out of me. They are also the same annoyances that plague even regular dramas and comedies, both literary and screen versions. Let me just say-this  must stop! Here is my list of grievances. 1. T he Girlfriend Death . She must die in the story, but it will be okay because our hero will have a sidekick. This got old decades ago, but they still force it down our throats. Most tragic science fiction or fantasy tales have the family/girl friend/wife/kids die in some tragic way. let's not forget slaughter of family or tribe. In the end, the hero manages to trudge on with his sidekick. Ugh. They used this a lot in Conan's TV and Film versions (hint: in the book series Conan's parents and tribe did not die. so he did not he need to seek revenge for it).  Why ar