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Knotty Plots

Hello Familiar Friends, Have been dealing with some knotty plots bumps on my Rose Greenleaf novel, Bard Maiden of Rhulon .  Oddly, having added a new character to the novel, a major one, has actually helped untangle the knot.   Now at first, it was an experiment and I thought it was going to ruin things and almost dropped this character. has opened up a whole lot of places for my main heroine, Rose Greenleaf to go.  It has challenged her, allowed me to get her where she needed to be,  and added some spice.  The character is fun.  He has written himself almost, his dialogue is clean and effortless, and he is taking Rose into the heart of conflict that is mandatory to the flow.   This character is a conduit from which I can lead Rose to places she could not be on her own without a reason,  This happens to writers.  You think you have your book bible all laid out and things are set in stone.  Characters and their fates planned to perfection.  However, much like life, it d

New Year, New Chapters

Greetings Familiar Friends, New Year is here!  Hooray!  Happy New Year! blah, blah, blah.... Now, down to the business of writing.  Am focusing on finishing older projects & new!  Just completed a new chapter on Bard Maiden of Rhulon.  Also working on two new books with opposite perspectives-one is darker but traditional heroic fantasy and other is a fantasy/science fiction fused futuristic tale with two of my favorite things-robots and witches. Yes, I am blending my genres.  I dare anyone to try and stop me.  Now, back to my bard novel.  More later. Verna McKinnon