Monday, May 17, 2010

Sorrow, Seattle, and Rainy Days

Hi Familiar's Tale Followers!
These last few days have been chaotic. Moving to Seattle, which makes me happy. Packing up house for move, insanely not happy. And what is it with the dust bunnies? Are they mutating and breeding at an accelerated rate? They are everywhere. Plus oddly, it has been rainy here in Concord, California. Usually it is dry as a bone after February and growing quite hot by May. It has been cool and rainy-which I love, but still strange. Perhaps another global warming sign where the earth is trying to get our attention, but alas, no one is listening.
Also, one of my favorite artists, Frank Frazetta, died, which is very sad. Too many of my favorites are passing on. Sigh. He will be missed. I often dreamed he might do a cover for one of my books when I am a famous writer. I admired his skill and imagination and depth.
Anyway, I am writing stories and brewing new ideas. When this move is done I must focus. My publisher, poor Joe, will be in limbo until we are settled and can unpack the computers. Then those last couple chapters for polish can come my way so we can get Tree of Bones to the printer. I know I keep promising, but have faith my friends, it will be released soon. Well, I must sign off for now, but when I write my blog again, I shall be in wonderful Seattle. Oops, where did I pack my umbrella?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Chaos and Chocolate and Seattle!

Okay I know I have not been around my peeps, but things have been very busy. Things are hopping in Familiar's Tale land. Down to polishing of last couple chapters with my editor and also finished final edit on my short stories that are included in the new Aberrant Dreams anthology-2 of my tales are in this collection of short stories which will be released very soon. The two short stories in the anthology are "The Wizard's Apprentice" and "The Trouble with Witches." Am excited. My poor exhausted publisher, Joe Dickerson, will get me the last pages for Tree of Bones soon. The book has been completed forever, but anyone in the publishing field knows there are periods of patience needed. My publisher does the work of ten men and we fight the good fight to keep small publishing house afloat in world of powerful big publishers. I know I have said book is coming soon and it is-I promise. You will love the new book Tree of Bones-full of our favorite heroes and evil doers, plus new heroic characters and bad guys-some with fur, some without. My publisher Joe says his favorite new character is Grimm Darkrunner. Oh I want my book to be released so I can talk about more of them. But it is coming soon. I promise.
Now, the other reason for my chaos is I am moving to Seattle at the end of May. I cannot wait! My husband and I are very enthusiastic about this new adventure. Also, we will both be at the Steamcon convention in Seattle later this year. We have been invited and are very excited. We do not know which panels we will be on yet, but we are looking forward to it. My husband and I are also working on 2 new Steampunk stories which I cannot talk about yet. They will be in both novel and short story format and will have a great cats of characters we have designed and created for these two different stories.
In the meantime, please check out the new addition to my website-my older short stories that have been published will now appear in in my website for my fans and friends to read-about one each month. Each story has been previously published in a magazine or webzine, but all rights have been returned to me. This month it is one of my favorites, "Dragon Toast." Enjoy the tale and I will return soon.