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Novel Quest: Writing Goals & Lost Time

Writing is a process that's different for everyone. Objectives, goals, plans, outlines, and chapter revisions all take up time and most of my mental strength. I just realized I had not done a blog post in months. Am sorry, fellow fantasy fans. I will try to be better. I am writing a novel and planning two more. My brain is crowded with ideas so I must focus. Hence my absence from blogging. I love creating novels and fresh new characters. So I become absorbed in the process. I am nerdy about it as I compile and organize the character sheets and fantasy world plans. It is my geek girl life. It is a solitary act, as all writing is. But I like it that way. when I come up for air, I realize I have neglected things like blogging. I become lost in writing goals and time speeds on. So as a writer, you need to figure out what works for you. Organizing your time is essential. I enjoy blogging about my writing and my favorite genres of fantasy and science fiction, but my writing comes