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Two New Book Releases & Specials, Promotion Angst, & Writing Wild Insights

  Writing Wild by Verna McKinnon New Novel Releases Greetings my friends! It has been quiet, but in my writing den it has been crazy busy. But my labors, fueled by lots of tea and chocolate have achieved some literary goodness. I have two new book lreases this March! Not one, but two, and there is a story behind that. More on that later. I am a very lucky author. I work with two small publishing housesm TANSTAAFL Press and Wolfsinger Publications. So I am a lucky girl to have new publishers release my books. First, let's review my happy new book news! War Poet Release Date March 15 Rogue Bardess Book #2  My second novel in my rogue bardess series is War Poet from TANSTAAFL Press. The release date date is March 15th and I posted the easy link below the cover! I just adore this book cover. The tale of my bard heroine, Rose Greenleaf, continues as she is hunted by strange fey and demons on her first mission as an agent into dangerous territory to resiuce a lost