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Author Insanity & Junk Food

Yep-that's where I'm at.  I am working to step up my writing process after I got lazy last week.  I was zoned unto the flow and my story was running smoothly until I got distracted with the demands of being human (work, sleep, applying mascara)  It is a fault I have and must amend as I have a goal to finish a certain book project quickly.   I feel a bit annoyed with myself.  I have been eating way too many chocolate chip cookies and haunted by book chapters demanding my hand.  My inner wolf is vexed with me as you can see: On a different plane, my publisher promises me some real headway with book cover art for Tree of Bones and I should see something by next month.   As I am behind schedule with the current novel I am slaving over I must bid you all a fond farewell until I find my way back to the blog.  I must now figure out a way for my heroine to be cured of mystical infection after being bitten by a changeling.  Nasty creatures! Verna McKinnon

The Truth About Writers: The Good, The Bad, and the Snooty

Greetings and Happy St. Patrick's Day! Yes, I am wearing green, being mostly Irish.  On this happy Irish day, I shall import a little Celtic wisdom to any aspiring or newly published writers. In my years of writing and and the goal to be published, I have met and even become friends with several well known and even legendary authors at various conventions and workshops over time.  On the whole, these people are wonderful, kind, friendly, supportive of your writing goals, and happy for any success you may have.  They make you feel like part of a literary family.  It is a usually a positive and inspiring experience.   The warmth and genuine support of your fellow writer is great.    I love these people.  BUT-you must know that there is always a bad apple in the basket somewhere and you could experience a nasty encounter with someone who is not the usual warm and supportive author. This happened to me only once, and the strange thing is this writer was just newly published 

Write, Rinse, Repeat

  Hello Familiar Friends!     I am currently a bit frenzied right now, as I am in a the wonderful and mystical state of writing flow.  The flow is a blissful and yet frenetic state of being.  Your book is whole in your mind, the story a rushing river through your brain synapses firing off events and conflicts and plot twists.  It means writing too, the actual process where I sit at my keyboard and type the tale.    The state of getting there is a series of events that involve struggling through the first 3 chapters, character and story outlines, background and organization, piles of  scribbled notes on pastel sticky pads.  You go from having a notebook of interesting ideas and 3 rough chapters to something solid and viable.   This is good.   But it also demands attention and discipline now.  It demands the process to write.  No procrastination of watching Castle or Orphan Black, no tomorrow promises or I need a facial.  It is the stage where you must WRITE!   It is