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Publishing News!

Hello Familiar Friends, Writing is a bloody business. It is demanding and draining. It makes you feel alive and it makes you feel hopeless. Can you tell that I have been busy writing? it does make you a little mad and after sending a mass of query letters to agents for another novel, I feel just a little tetchy. Because of this, I have been bad about blogging to my friends. I should be better at blogging, as it is a means for writers to share our thoughts and what we are up to, but I was immersed in telling stories. That is the business of writing for me. Because of this I have some good news to share. I did a polish edit and major revisions on Tree of Bones (2nd entry in my Familiar's Tale trilogy) and submitted it to my publisher at Sky Warrior Books. Now I just need to wait for my favorite editor to have time on her schedule. I submitted my high fantasy novel, Bardess of Rhulon , about a female Dwarven bard heroine named Rose Greenleaf to Sky Warrior books and was a