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A Farewell to Leonard Nimoy

    This is a farewell to someone I have admired since childhood.  I just read that Leonard Nimoy has passed away at 83.  I am sad, because I grew up watching Star Trek.  My love of science fiction was nurtured by that show, and Spock was always my favorite character.  I had the opportunity to meet him when he kindly donated a couple hours to lecture at our drama department.  He was a prince.  No ego or attitude, just a good, generous person talking to this tiny group of students for nothing, because he was that kind of guy.   He was a nice man sharing wisdom.  I am glad I had that opportunity.  A memory to treasure, along with his wonderful acting.  The void  left with his passing will never be filled.   Goodbye.  Verna McKinnon

Heroic Women of Speculative Fiction-Ellen Ripley of Alien film series

  Ellen Ripley-heroine and kick-ass!     When the film Alien first appeared in Theaters in 1979, the heroines were still evolving on film and TV.   The male-empowered film industry were slowly allowing women to do more than stand there and look pretty.   One must be well-groomed to be eaten by a monster, I guess.  Or scream.  Yeah, that's helpful.  Let's bring the monsters closer.   The masterful direction of Ridley Scott was also a gift.  Fantasy and Science Fiction on film can be high class with the right people to helm the story.  The cast was also a wonder of folks with not only film credits, but a theater background.  I mean, John Hurt, Tom Skerritt, Ian Holm, to name a few.  This strong crop of actors was the cream.  They always have a special touch on film.   Ripley was a heroine who fights on her own, despite the odds.  A dark tower would have been a haven compared to the shadowy corridors of the Nostromo.  A dragon a snap to tame.  This alien was