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New Year Coming

Happy Holidays to all my friends out there!  It is almost 2012 and I am ecstatic.  As I type it is rainy and windy here in Seattle.   But I like the rain and the feel of a new year coming.  New Year means a lot me,  It is a new beginning to start fresh-all shiny & new.  We all have the similar goals in the new year like getting fit or losing weight or getting that great job.  Some people hate doing new year resolutions, but I like the ritual of it all.  For me, (I have a great job at last, so no fuss there) among getting fit part, is the resolution to write more.  I have books to complete and a publisher to keep happy.  I have a couple short stories coming out soon, but I need to keep doing the books.  I also want an agent.  I want to finish The Rose & Sparrow: Goblin Cabal  (working title, but a new fantasy book series I am writing) and finish another Familiar's Tale novel.  My publisher Joe swears it will be soon, as soon as we have the cover art.  So I am excited about