Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year Coming

Happy Holidays to all my friends out there!  It is almost 2012 and I am ecstatic.  As I type it is rainy and windy here in Seattle.   But I like the rain and the feel of a new year coming.  New Year means a lot me,  It is a new beginning to start fresh-all shiny & new.  We all have the similar goals in the new year like getting fit or losing weight or getting that great job.  Some people hate doing new year resolutions, but I like the ritual of it all. 
For me, (I have a great job at last, so no fuss there) among getting fit part, is the resolution to write more.  I have books to complete and a publisher to keep happy.  I have a couple short stories coming out soon, but I need to keep doing the books.  I also want an agent.  I want to finish The Rose & Sparrow: Goblin Cabal (working title, but a new fantasy book series I am writing) and finish another Familiar's Tale novel.  My publisher Joe swears it will be soon, as soon as we have the cover art.  So I am excited about that.   Reb Brown is a genius and I cannot wait to see his work.  So my goals are clear, which is a good thing.   I also want to develop more of a following for my fan base, especially for my novels.  So to any of you out there interested, become one of my followers on my blog and also on Facebook.   I will also be doing some exciting changes to my website soon with the help of my friend Sally.  She is a genius who did my website and I am forever grateful.  I may write on a computer, but comuters do not always like me.  With my new novel Tree of Bones coming out soon, I will be posting more chapters from Gate of Souls to read, and several chapters from Tree of Bones to tantalize my readers when it is released.

So Happy New Year! 

Verna McKinnon