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Caffeine, Chocolate & The Pain of Novel Creation

    I have entered the evolutionary state of creating a new novel.   My personal big bang.   I have polished my copy of Bard Maiden of Rhulon .  Now I am moving on to Blood of the Unicorn .  That involves a lot of work and the painstaking new mind set.  It is not just a simple template of a new novel with new characters that I build a book on.  A fresh novel takes a mental adjustment  New characters with fresh and often painful or wicked histories, different worlds (I am addicted to doing tales in a secondary world), new landscapes and kingdoms.  There is a bonding process when its all new that is often tricky.  It's odd at first.  You are working with strangers, essentially.  You make notes and character profiles, but they are not developed in your mind yet.  That comes with the writing.  For me, the characters tend to evolve as I write, which brings a number of changes to the characters and story even as I go.  No matter how much preparation I do, things change.  It is

Post Novel Slump Woes & Latte Deprivation

Hello Familiar Friends, There is a transition on shifting from writing one novel to working on another is hard.  I finished Bard Maiden of Rhulon and also completed a  thorough polish edit on the novel as well.  Along with sending out queries to agents for my book, I should be roaring to go to work on my new novel endeavor- Blood of the Unicorn .   Sadly, my energy level is in a slump.  I cannot seem to activate.  I would like to add that I do not believe in traditional writer's block.   I do believe in fear and panic, however.  I have all the basics.  A template of the new world and characters.  I even changed some names to spice up things.  I have a synopsis and outline of story as to what new novel should be.  I have my pretty new folder with my notes and character grid.  Why can't I move forward?  Do I miss Rose and Meg? (my main characters in Bard Maiden of Rhulon).  My ability to shift is unusually difficult.   ARGH.   Also, I have given up Starbucks on a daily

Shame on the Emmys

Dear Familiar Friends, Once again I am reminded why I have stopped watching any award shows, especially snobby and pretentious US based award shows (Emmy, Oscar, and others) because they often neglect to nominate people or shows truly worthy.  Though I am always tickled with joy to see Peter Dinklage nominated because be is a truly great actor, most of what the Emmy awards nominate are basic bland shows.  If it is about a serial killer or politics or drug dealing-they accept that fine.  Their idea of edgy is to reward a show about a guy making meth.  I do not care how good the so-called writing is.   I have no interest in watching a show where the bad guys are central focus and the main protagonist.  Everything the academy votes for is general bland drama like lawyer shows and period dramas with corsets.   Now I did live Downton Abbey.  That love ended in season 3 finale.  There is no point in watching it anymore.   An actor wants to leave and they kill him.  Now I simply so not care