Post Novel Slump Woes & Latte Deprivation

Hello Familiar Friends,

There is a transition on shifting from writing one novel to working on another is hard.  I finished Bard Maiden of Rhulon and also completed a  thorough polish edit on the novel as well.  Along with sending out queries to agents for my book, I should be roaring to go to work on my new novel endeavor-Blood of the Unicorn.   Sadly, my energy level is in a slump.  I cannot seem to activate.  I would like to add that I do not believe in traditional writer's block.   I do believe in fear and panic, however. 

I have all the basics.  A template of the new world and characters.  I even changed some names to spice up things.  I have a synopsis and outline of story as to what new novel should be.  I have my pretty new folder with my notes and character grid.  Why can't I move forward?  Do I miss Rose and Meg? (my main characters in Bard Maiden of Rhulon).  My ability to shift is unusually difficult.   ARGH.   Also, I have given up Starbucks on a daily basis for summer.  I cheated only once.  (sue me-I am weak human)  But I miss my caffeine infused lattes of happiness.

I wonder if it is because of the theme of this new novel.  The story is darker than usual.    The world and characters are in a grim place.   My main character Brona is born in the first chapter and the events around it are tragic.  She is not yet developed, just a newborn baby marked by a curse and a blessing.  She is a stranger to me.  My other characters in other books, like Runa, Opaline, and Meg and Rose-are fully formed best friends.  They are my literary sisters that I bond to.   Brona is distant, and maybe that is what I need to overcome.       

More later.  Until then-read more fantasy!

Verna McKinnon


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