Shame on the Emmys

Dear Familiar Friends,

Once again I am reminded why I have stopped watching any award shows, especially snobby and pretentious US based award shows (Emmy, Oscar, and others) because they often neglect to nominate people or shows truly worthy.  Though I am always tickled with joy to see Peter Dinklage nominated because be is a truly great actor, most of what the Emmy awards nominate are basic bland shows.  If it is about a serial killer or politics or drug dealing-they accept that fine.  Their idea of edgy is to reward a show about a guy making meth.  I do not care how good the so-called writing is.   I have no interest in watching a show where the bad guys are central focus and the main protagonist.  Everything the academy votes for is general bland drama like lawyer shows and period dramas with corsets.   Now I did live Downton Abbey.  That love ended in season 3 finale.  There is no point in watching it anymore.   An actor wants to leave and they kill him.  Now I simply so not care.  There rest in the nomination bowl are so expected and typical-Scandal and True Detective, and Homeland.   Snore. 

What gets me is the prejudice.  None of the actresses nominated for best actress in a series can hold a candle to Tatiana Maslany in Orphan Black.  But it is considered science fiction and therefore not worth the effort to nominate.   

Yes, the awards have a unwritten law of prejudice against science fiction and fantasy.   They proved it again.  An actor can be the greatest in the universe but if the part is science fiction, they tend to pass them over.  Game of Thrones does not count.  It is barely fantasy anymore.  It is a big HBO investment and has been reduced to being about royal serial killers with lots of unnecessary nudity, extreme graphic violence, and very few redeemable characters.  I love Tyrion.  I love Arya.  But they are outnumbered by the morose depressive and exceedingly confusing story with elegant costumes and heavy political bloat that would float a blimp.  They will probably die so what is the point in investing in watching just to watch another character I like die (in a gruesome manner).

But my salient point is they overlook people based on the genre of the work.  it is not about art.  It is a money making nomination for studios involved and it is basically all about the numbers-not the talent involved.    So I will watch my shows and root for them.  That is all any of us can do.

Until later, read more fantasy!!!

Verna McKinnon  


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