Sunday, August 21, 2011

Conan The Barbarian-Jason Momoa and a rockin' Howard world

Okay, just in case you are a devoted Arnold fan and love the original film version of Conan the Barbarian, stop reading now.  Because as a devoted fan of Robert E. Howard and his work, the new Conan the Barbarian film with Jason Momoa rules in my world.

Few film adaptations of an author's work are like the original stories and  I was not expecting it to be.  You can only hope for a tribute of the writer's original perspective.  The 1981 film missed on every possible level, and though it can be viewed as a fun fantasy film, it was never Conan to me.   

However, this new film possesses the wild sensation and gritty life of Conan's world that I remember from the original stories.  Jason Momoa does a great job of portraying the bigger than life action hero.  He is basic and elemental.  A born warrior, wild and free, with an odd sense of chivalry and basic code of honor.  In the film, which is very violent as Conan's world was, he fights with lusty abandon and seeks to right the wrongs of his world in his way-by his sharp sword.  He moves as I imagined, like a panther and Jason was expressive without going over the top.  He has little dialogue, but then, Conan is a man of action, not windy speeches.  The supporting cast is great!  Rachel Nichols was cool but feisty.  Rose McGowan was very creepy as a witch with daddy issues.  We always love Ron Perlman, and his role as Conan's father was wonderful.  Stephen Lang was a great surprise as the main villain.  Leo Howard deserves cudos as the young Conan.    The visuals are a treat.  Vivid, colorful and raw-from the costumes to the fighting choreography to the cinematic portraits of the Hyborian age of ancient ruins and dangerous lands full of exotic spice and mystery. 

If you are open minded about a new Conan and can leave the 1981 effort in the past, please see this movie.  I loved it.  I cannot wait for the DVD!!! 

More later,

Verna McKinnon