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Gate of Souls paperback on sale at Amazon!

  Gate of Souls softback edition is on sale for $4.08 at Amazon!  That is almost as cheap as my kindle edition.  So this is a great time to check out the paperback if you have been wanting to.  Have  fun read while I go harass my publisher at Aberrant Dreams about when the release of book 2, Tree of Bones, is going to happen.  Enjoy what's left of summer with a great book while sipping ice tea.

A fun Interview!

Greetings Friends, Mandy Eve Barnett interviewed me this week and that interview can be read if you click on the link below. It was fun and I do love the attention.  More next week.  Thanks Mandy! Verna

My softback of Gate of Souls is on sale at Amazon

Hello Friends, Yes, I am on a promo frenzy, but Amazon currently has my large softback edition of Gate of Souls on sale for $5.84.  The normal cost of my softback edition is usually $16.95, so I am quite a bargain.  The free promo for my Kindle editon is over, but my usual price of $3.99 is sweet. On other notes, I would like to ask you wonderful folks that have read my novel to post a review on Amazon.  It is hard being a Indie novelist today.   For now, I am going back to writing Bard Maiden of Rhulon so I can offer more to my readers.  The next book in my Familiar's Tale series, Tree of Bones , is due out soon (my publisher of Aberrant Dreams assures me)  so take heart.   Have a great week and read something.  It does a mind good. Verna McKinnon

Gate of Souls is free today on Kindle!

Just a fun tidbit that my novel, Gate of Souls, is free on Kindle today!  So if you love heroic fantasy and strong characters, check it out.  Learn about my animal familiars and their mages fighting evil in a world where magic is not only real, but has bite!  A great read for all ages!

This Sunday-Gate of Souls novel free on Kindle!

  Hello Familiar's Tale Fans!  I am free this Sunday on Kindle! Exciting news-this Sunday my novel, Gate of Souls , will be free on Kindle this Sunday as a special promotion to celebrate my release on Kindle!  So if any of you wonderful folk were hesitating-or thinking about my novel as a gift on Kindle, this is the perfect time.  So go for it!  More news to come later.

Gate of Souls on Kindle! YEAH!

Hi  Friends, I came up for air long enough to tell all of you that my first book of Familiar's Tale series, Gate of Souls, is finally on Kindle!  I am only 3.99-Here is the Amazon link: