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Tales of Obsydian Nights

Hello Familiar's Tale Fans! I have posted the first of several short stories set in the world of  "A Familiar's Tale" in my featured story section of my website.  "The Bloodstone Queen" is the first story and recounts the birth of the dark immortal Queen Obsydia.  These stories are set a thousand years before Gate of Souls, A Familiar's Tale book One , but are very integral because it reveals important events of this world's past and also many important characters that are central to my current book series.  Every world has a past and this one is a stage of darkness where light was challenged.  You will meet a young Cathal and Belwyn, Neelam the Wizard and his familiar Surya, who are important characters in books 2 through 4 of my Familiar's Tale series.  You also will get to know first hand Obsydia, who will be a major force of wickedness in books 2-4 of my book series.  My second book is coming out soon, I just wish I could reveal more.  I