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Respect The Pulp!

Hello Fantasy Friends, I bought the new Conan the Barbarian movie and am going to watch it tonight with a side of chips and diet coke.  Personally, I thought Jason Mamoa made a great Conan.  This movie is (in my opinion and a lover of Robert E. Howard work)  great.   Nothing will be exactly like the stories, but this adaptation is much closer to the wit,  personality & smarts of the Conan character.  Jason portrayed Conan as smart and clever, though with steely determination and a rough chivalry.  I will not comment on the first 1981 movie or the television show with the clone of Arnold.  I love old fashioned, gritty pulp writing.  Robert E. Howard short stories are the best in this genre.   Personally, I hope they make another film.   My biggest complaint is that they made is another revenge fantasy and Conan was all about the adventure and walking the misty roads of a magical, dangerous world with a glint in his eye and a sword in his hand.  Hey Jason-need someone to help with