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Holiday Scrolls & Book News

Hello all and happy holidays! Time for drobba cakes and endless cups of hot drobba smothered with whipped cream and dusted with cinnamon. I should never blog while feeling peckish. The first great news is now " Gate of Souls" will also be at your favorite Barnes & Noble store in about 6-8 weeks. I have been available since the beginning through their online site, but this is most exciting. If you see a short woman with chestnut hair staring for hours at my book " Gate of Souls" on the shelf-it could be me. Three cheers for Barnes & Noble! I am also steaming with new ideas about the third book in my Familiar's Tale series, " Fires of Rapiveshta." I cannot say much because I want my readers to be surprised. I will say that Rapiveshta, as I mentioned in the first book during one of Belwyn's school lessons for Mellypip in " Gate of Souls ," is the land of the dragons. There will be lots of dragons ! The second book in my se