Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Scary Halloween!

I love Halloween.  My favorite holiday, since its rituals involve dressing up in costumes, parties, horror movies, eating candy and caramel apples.  How could you not love Halloween?  The origins of course, are in the Celtic New Year Eve's, when the veils between our world and the Otherworld are thin, and spirits and magic abound beneath the moon.   It's all good to me.
My whole weekend has been a celebration of Halloween fun movies.  Army of Darkness with Bruce Campbell (We love you Bruce!), the Underworld movies, old classics like Dracula and The Mummy, and Snow White a Tale of Terror.  Snow White is my favorite fairy tale.  I prefer the darker versions, and Sigourney Weaver's wicked stepmother rocks.  I love fairy tales and want to explore them in more depth, not just the truncated versions they do for kid's book or film.  There are levels in these old tales which have only been scratched, and I want to delve deeper into the mystery.
I also watched my favorite episode of Beauty and the Beast, "Masks,"  I loved that show.  Sigh.  I may indulge and watch some Moonlight episodes too.  There are some current fantasy/horror shows out there, but sadly they do not get my attention.  They have no heart.  These shows are more concerned with glossy imagery and sexy clothes, are far too grim and dark to point of wishing they would just end it all, or just being gross or having inconsistent mythology.  I long for the days of Buffy and Angel, and though they had flaws too, they also had heart and layers to their  stories, plus a consistent mythology for the dark fantasy/horror elements.  I an thankful for the option of DVDs, since I can watch them when I want and enjoy the fun and horror.   Oh, I still need to watch Resident Evil movies!
I have been working of course, and will keep you alert to when 'Tree of Bones, A Familiar's Tale Book 2," will be released, now that the final edits are done.  Also I am forming new stories ideas and drafts of dark fantasy nature for other things, though I must keep them quiet until they are fully formed and accepted for publication.   I am loving Seattle.  Now I must return to fun film fest.  Talk to you soon.