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War Poet cover reveal, RadCon 2024 convention Feb 16-18, writing news, and more!

  Happy New Year! Welcome to 2024! So much going on, but I had to survive the holidays first. My 2024 resolutions include doing more newsletters. Will this resolution become a reality and not a fantasy? Who knows, but I do write fantasy. But let's get started with some fun author updates today. Let's start with War Poet . War Poet Cover Reveal  Yes! I finished War Poet , the second "Rogue Bardess' novel about Rose Greenleaf, a Dwarven bard with a rare magical gift of the glam rhapsode. My publisher, TANSTAAFL Press, will release War Poet around April 2024. I am excited because I love this character and this cover looks the way I imagined Rose Greenleaf to look like. This cover is gorgeous. Plus, the bonus of the shadowy fey characters in the background. I would recommend you read the first book in the series, The Bardess of Rhulon.  FREE Ebook offer for The Bastard Sorceress on Amazon Yes, my publisher is offering a great free E-book offer for my novel, The Bastard S