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Stop Wolf Hunts-On the subject of what is right

  Dear Readers, I normally do not let my personal beliefs color my writing blog, which is devoted to fantasy and science fiction.  But some things are too close to my heart and painful not to voice from time to time. To any state allowing "wolf hunts" I beg you to stop this madness and ban wolf hunting. To anyone who hunts wolves-in my personal opinion you are vile and soulless. That also goes for anyone who hunts elephants, seals, whales, wolves-it is wrong.  They have the right to live.  Yes, the worst monsters are human.

The Weary Author

Am very tired.  Brain cells are shriveled.  Blogging an effort.  This is all I can manage.  See image below for symbolic image of how I feel.... Talk to you next week.  I am going to hide in a den of solitude. Verna McKinnon


Okay, one of the things I love about "Once Upon a Time" is their handling of curses and their system of magic  It is pretty consistent.  That is very key in writing fantasy or science fiction-CONSISTENCY. Sometimes magical rules evolve slowly -like the magic in Game of Thrones.  It is much more elusive and mysterious, but in a way they are being consistent.   Their magic is changing in their world, as is the world itself.  But your magical or science fiction tech rules and how carefully you construct them are very important in writing these genres.  If you are not consistent with your rules and structure, you may be subject to the following annoyed scowl from publishers and critics- Lesson done.  The sun is shining in Seattle, I intend to go enjoy it.  Verna