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Edit, edit, edit....and yet more edits

I am in the heavy process of editing the second book in my "Familiar's Tale" series, entitled "Tree of Bones," with my publisher, Joe Dickerson. It is a fun time though, because we go back and forth with fun perspectives on the story and characters, as well as make suggestions and catching teeny but annoying typos. Working with a small publisher has it pluses and minuses. The minus is trying to get into the bookstores, even small ones. Again, the market is tough for everyone now. I did score a big success with Barnes & Noble when they picked up Gate of Souls, A Familiar's Tale, Book One , and ordered a small but respectable number of copies for actual store placement. This was a wonderful example of the larger corporation wanting to support the smaller book publisher. This may seem like a small victory, but for small publishing houses and their diligent and struggling writers, it is a mammoth success worthy of champagne and chocolate. But despite o


I was prepped to do a lavish blog about my participation at Baycon 2009 in Santa Clara at the end of May. I was exhausted and as I also have a day job along with my scribal vocation, I put off for another week. Then I received news that one of my favorite fantasy writers, David Eddings, died this week. He was a wonderful storyteller. He will be missed. Therefore, I dedicate this week to David Eddings' memory. I will be back next week about me. Now I am in literary mourning.