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Fabulous Fantasy from Boundless Stories SCI-FI + FANTASY with Kindle Unlimited!

  Happy Holidays. Just a quick hello and I hope you are all well and healthy. We have reached the holiday season, and along with nog and chocolates, we all need a great read. Check out these great novels from Kindle Unlimited from my fellow authors! Just follow the link to happy reading! Go to:  Boundless Stories Have a safe and happy holiday & New Year! Personally, I cannot wait for 2020 to be dust and have a fresh start, without idiocy, panic buying of toilet paper,  and pandemics stressing me out like a traumatized church mouse. Cheers & survive the holidays, Verna McKinnon

Great Fantasy Book Giveaways & Deals! Check these out!

Hello Fantasy Friends! I am participating in some great book promos for fantasy for August.  They are themed and showcase many author friends here. Show some love and check these out! First is this virtual book fair.  Books featuring best friends Check out these great books!           Next is a book theme dear to my heart! Fantasy featuring pets & familiars!        Check out these fab books! More news to come. Stay healthy & read more fantasy! It does good things for you mood. Cheers, Verna

Bardess of Rhulon Free Giveaway!

Free Fantasy For All! Holding out for a heroine? Look no further with the adventures of my Dwarven Bardess, Rose Greenleaf! Announcing another free giveaway for The Bardess of Rhulon June 12-17 on Kindle. Stay well, my lovelies.  Love & Peace, Verna McKinnon

Heroines and for 5 days!

The adventure continues…. 5 star reviews for Tree of Bones, a Familiar’s Tale, Book 2. Thrilling adventure and the Kindle is free for a limited time only on Amazon, June 6-11. Please forward to your friends. Stay well, my lovelies, Watch for more specials and updates from my familiar world of magic and heroines. Cheers, Verna McKinno n

Spreading the magic with free Kindles!

Welcome My Familiar Freinds!  I hope all of you are well and surviving this stranger new world. To ease the boredom and to give you a great deal, I am over the next few weeks over specials on my Kindle editions on Amazon. We all need a little magic right now.  So to start off, I am offering a freebie on Gate of Souls, A Familiar's Tale, book one. This is fantasy for all ages! Wow, incredible reviews for Gate of Souls too. Read them on Amazon. Exciting adventure and the Kindle edition is free for a limited time only on Amazon, June 1-June 5. I will send updates on my next freebie next week. Enjoy the read and stay healthy. Cheers, Verna McKinnon

Tree of Bones finally in paperback! Joy and happiness on this Monday morn!