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Book releases, new tales, and familiar chaos

Greetings Familiar Friends! The new novel in my series, Tree of Bones, A Familiar's Tale, Book 2 (published by the fantastic Sky Warrior Books)  is available on Kindle and through all the normal channels. I have only one review so far (but it is 5 stars-thank you.) If anyone has read and liked my novel, please post a review on Amazon. It is the kindest thing you can do for an author. Am deep in the creation process on other projects. One of which is a heroic fantasy where the heroine is the core focus of core. Heroines rules my words. I cannot reveal much about the novel of course, but the lead character's name is Sabine Fable. I have submitted my final book in the Familiar's Tale trilogy to my publisher (Fires of Rapiveshta ). It is odd to have the tale completed. I will miss my characters. More exciting is on the horizon as I hear about release dates for my other books. Until more fantasy! Cheers, Verna McKinnon